What do you advice I do with new drive?

  • *So I will admit it... im already addicted to burstcoin mining.... only took 4 days. just went out and grabbed another 3tb drive for $80 cad. this will be my 2nd 3tb drive now for my first drive I just created 1 3tb plot file but been reading a bit and I am a bit confused as to weather I should do the same or make multiple smaller files like 3x 1tb plots. is there any cons or pros verses 1 large plot file or multiple smaller files. thanks!

  • bigger is better, if you catch my drift ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Goes for plotsizes aswell in comparison with several smaller ones. makes it read em faster

  • @keyd0s ahhh ok thanks. Could I ask another question while I got ya. when I run gpu plotter and I edit the run file the last number in the sequence, is that stagger size? for instance this is mine

    gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer d:\6588432247942370110_11141121_952320_2048

    I know the first code is your account id then your starting nonces follwed by the ammount of nonces you want to create. is 2048 good? or should I change it. right now with 1 drive I get 14 mb/s read speed when mining and not sure how to improve it. I guess I should of ran it in direct mode to optimize. 48 seconds seem's a bit long for 3tb. I asked this question before but didn't really come up with a solution. however I added an internal 250gb drive today and my total read speed went up to 24mb/s, I guess more drives you have the total speed increases? thou it went up to 24 mb/s for around 4 seconds thats how long my small drive took it then slowed back down for the 3tb drive. thanks for any advice and sorry for the questions.

  • @kevmachine Oh boy now you're moving to quite technical things which I think you'd best contact someone who's more into these kind of things like @luxe or @daWaIlet (Thou have been summoned!)

    I'll try to answer as best I can though.
    I believe the final one is indeed your stagger size. On mining you will need 'number of nonces' / 'stagger size' drive seeks, so on small stagger mining will stress harddrives more and need more time. ergo, higher staggersize = better. You could optimize these I believe with ( https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/26/plot-optimizer-v1-6-with-gui-1-0-3-j6jq-win) which will probably increase your reading speed somewhat. don't quote me on that though as I'm not sure.

  • @keyd0s haha ya good point and thanks that's how i understood the few posts I read on it. but I don't know how high to increase the stagger. i could make it 4096... 8192... ect ect. it is very technical for sure. ive soaked up so much info the last 3 or 4 days I think my heads gonna pop. thanks again!

  • @kevmachine Not sure but I think you mistake stagger size for GPU-ram. I mean on optimized plot I think the stagger size should be the same as your nonces. I for example have a file called
    which is optimized 4tb plot.
    I think you should optimize yours as well 😉