Purchase $50 Burst Paypal

  • Hello, I am new to burstcoin and actualy all crypto currencies. I have tried coinbase which there system to add new payment been down for weeks and no responce from them regarding why i cant add payments. Then I went to cex and added info and got verified and there system said that payment failed check bank. Which i contact bank and say nothing working. So please point me to a decent place to purchase. Or if you are willing to sell coins yourself let me know. I can via paypal. Or if you have a secure location for me to checkout with card I can do that. But I will not give you my credit card number. Please let me know.

    Thank You

  • Hi @Silverado, I'm also new to cryto...
    This is what worked for me so far:
    I bought litecoin on Coinbase with USD.
    then transfered to BitSler and used the exchange there to convert to Burst
    then sent it to my Burst wallet.

    I hope that helps. I also hope someone has a better way speaks up soon