suddenly my hard drive has 74 gigs free on it?!?!?

  • hey, I ran ccleaner today didn't see the harm in it thou I should have asked here first to see if its safe with plots. anyways, I just noticed my external drive which is 3tb that I thought was full before now has 74gigs free. did I mess something up!?!?! or maybe I had something else on the drive i never noticed. thanks.

  • some deleted files are in recycle bin and unless you delete it some space will be consumed by it, right click the HDD and click on properties, then click on [Disk clean up] the you'll see some info regarding the space that is currently used by recycle bin and other stuff[like system recovery etc]. just plot that 74Gb then you are good to go.

  • CCleaner AFAIK doesn't delete plot files.

  • Oh my thanks alot guys. After further review it seems i tried to plot a 74gb file before to this drive and deleted it but it sat in the recycling bin still taking up the drive space. I gotta be more careful and pay better attenstion! Thanks again!