100% performance 0% health HDD Plotting?

  • Can I plot with 100% performance 0% health HDD?

  • admin

    not sure what you mean, but as long drive works, you can plot it.

  • I have this spare HDD with this status. They say with this HDD, files are easily corrupted. Are plots considered as files?

  • admin

    @jervis Just try it. Reading files and writing files are two separate mechanics in a HDD. Maybe you can use this drive. Maybe not.

  • @jervis I don't know if you have tried it since, but I had a 0% drive lying around, and I could not plot it 😞 Hope you had better luck with it.

  • I have tried this a couple of times. The final decision is yours...
    So, it depends on what is the damage causing the 0% health.
    I have a 2TB with 0% health and spin - head problem. The files were ok but it took about an hour to read each one of them.... So they were useless....
    Another disk (external this time) is working with 9% health mining for about one and a half year continuesly. The only problem was bad sectores.
    A thir disk with 2% health without spin- - head problems, only with bad sectores, cannot read certain aeras, so I fill it up about 70% and the other space I left it for re-allocation....
    My advice is to try if your HDD doesn't have head problems.... Small files, (5-10 GB each one) and 30-35% free.