Hello Everyone

  • Hi Everyone,
    I would like to say I am excited to join this forum. I have been exploring this forum and reading this past week. The information stored here has been extremely helpful.

    I would like to thank those who contribute, both those who ask questions and those who answer.
    Furthermore the tutorials are also great.

    I think I'm mostly prepared to begin now. I found all my unused space, plotted it and configured the miner.
    All I need now is to wait for the forum faucet to come back online, so I can set my reward assignment (and pick an appropriate pool).

    I am looking forward to reading more here, and learning more about the underlying technology.
    This also seems like a great way to persuade my wife that we should buy more components.

    Best of luck to all
    Have a great day

  • Check the discord channel in my sig we have a working faucet for new users.
    Hope to see you on the pool (^.^)-b