Is multi-mining on one rig with GPU's and Hard Drives workable?

  • Hello all, I am new to the burstcoin community but have been mining with GPU's using Claymore for a while. I have decided to move from the short term of immediate profits to a long term look by mining for long term growth and wanted to get involved with burstcoin. I have about 20TB I started plotting and have some time before it finishes and so I wanted to ask if anyone else had knowledge on this.

    Is there any problem using claymore to dual mine with my GPU's and then Mining with lets say 10TB of drives on each of the rigs? I tested it with a very small amount and it is possible although I had to readjust my overclocking on the gpu's slightly. But what about performance for Burstcoin when mining with the GPU's?

  • Nope you shouldn't run into any issues mining with a GPU miner for other alt coins and using either the CPU or GPU miner for burst. You only use computing resources when reading the plots for burst 99% of the otehr time the resources are sitting idle.

    If you need some burst to get started hit up the discord channel in my sig we have a faucet for new users

  • I just build a rig where im mining ether with 2 GPUs and mining Burst with 50TB. Everything works well and im using my CPU to mine burst.

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    @Th3Warm0ng3r Definitely possible. I have a rig mining 150TB of disk, and 2 x RX460 running on