Why my GPU plotter stuck

  • hello guys,

    I have a problem when I try to plot with GPU, I can't generate a nonce after the 7168 nonces, I don't know what is the problem

    this is the output of my cmd.exe :

    C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\gpu_plotter>gpuPlotGenerator generate direct D:/Burst/plots/959053473154164634_412288000_4096000_8192

    GPU plot generator v4.0.3

    Author: Cryo
    Bitcoin: 138gMBhCrNkbaiTCmUhP9HLU9xwn5QKZgD

    Loading platforms...
    Loading devices...
    Loading devices configurations...
    Initializing generation devices...
    [0] Device: GeForce GTX 970 (OpenCL 1.2 CUDA)
    [0] Device memory: 256MB
    [0] CPU memory: 256MB
    Initializing generation contexts...
    [0] Path: D:/Burst/plots/959053473154164634_412288000_4096000_4096000
    [0] Nonces: 412288000 to 416383999 (1000GB 0MB)
    [0] CPU memory: 2GB 0MB

    Devices number: 1
    Plots files number: 1
    Total nonces number: 4096000
    CPU memory: 2GB 256MB

    Generating nonces...
    0.17% (7168/4096000 remaining nonces), 22635.79 nonces/minutes, ETA: 3h 0m 38s...

    and this my devices settings:

    0 0 1024 128 8192

    If someone can help me to know why my GPU plotter stuck at 7168 nonces, please tell me.


  • admin

    @gui_scrof this is normal for direct mode - it builds the file, which depending on capacity can take a day or more, then fills it in with the actual plotting.

    However, @cryo has released a new version that does not have the big initial delay. Grab the new version and start again.

  • Try the new version of the GPU plotter that @cryo just posted a couple days ago (v4.1.1) in the thread that I made about the issue:

    I also had similar issues with Direct mode that it would just sit there at ~0.25% for quite a long time (apparently writing all 0s to the plot file, instead of instantly creating a dummy file like CPU plotting does)... So, all the time it is hung there, it's literally doing nothing but writing 0's to a dummy file before it even starts the plotting process of generating nonces. The new version (v4.1.1) should address that issue, and worked MUCH better for me.