Blocking pools with trash

  • This low level type ddos is got to stop what did I do to deserve this?

  • admin

    @tross What did any of us do to deserve this? All my infrastructure is being hammered. It's slowing somethings down, but unlike the initial attacks it no longer cripples me. Hopefully the assholes behind this will give up soon when they understand they're wasting their time/money.

  • @Tross U using/thought about using a HW Firewall between your pool Server and the Internet?

  • Now am being ddos lol but pool still running

  • admin

    @Marc I have an enterprise level hardware firewall in front of my sites - it gets hit with so much traffic that the services I offer become intermittently unavaIlable. Before I restructured my infrastructure, these attacks crippled me. Now it's just a PITA. The pools are still mining, they might not update, but mining works just fine. The forums are a little slower than normal, but up. The attack is pointless, it no longer takes me down, just slows things down.

  • @haitch My real question wouldnt be about an HW arms race, but.. whats the reason behind attacs with no obivous gain at the end?

    Obviously, there is no direct monetary Advantage like blackmailing the victim like when you encrypt his HDs and files, after that try to squeeze some BC out of him for decrypting.. So, whos going to spend money, buy a botnet Service with the aim to take certain pools down or Forums and/or just put pressure on the owner/admin? What do I know - nothing. Just asking.

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    @Marc My opinion, and just my opinion, I have no proof, another forum/pool wants me to shutdown so that they can be the one and only one pool, and go to forum. That's not going to happen.They can no longer cripple me, they can only slow me down. I also see the audience of that theoretical actor becoming disengaged with that actor and moving here - I'm approving a LOT of account applications. The carpetbaggers are being seen for who they are.

  • This post is deleted!

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    @sayem314 Sorry, deleted for language - despite the appropriateness of it.