300tb - should I solo mine?

  • Hello everyone. I have been mining now for a few weeks. In this perios my mining capacity grew to about 290tb.

    Today I discovered the http://burstcoin.biz block explorer with its handy statistics.

    I realised that it says:

    Mined Blocks 48 (91,652 Burst)
    Pool Mined Balance 83,550 Burst

    which seems to leas to tje conclusion that pool mining seems to be about 9% less profitable as if I would have solo mined.

    I guess I should switch to solo mining then?

  • Yes,, go solo.

  • yes, you should.

    Though there will be many problems heading your way because of this, ( local wallet, internet, downtime with other stuff to sync with local wallet )

    The upsides is that the fee is gone since ur mining on ur own and there will be more varience, for blocks mined for yourself, but it should average over time 🙂

  • @PummelHummel Answer is def. yes, agree. You will face a Little bit more variance, but with 300 TB not that Problem.

    On the plus side you save on pool fees. 9% difference seems a bit too much imo, normal pool fees are aprox. 1-1,5%, dont know where the other 7% are coming from. Variance?

  • @Marc transaction fee for hitting limit and pool fee

  • @HiDevin 1.5% pool fee, another 0.5 lets say for lex code (if used, unlikely).

    7% Transaction fees for 83-90K Burst in this case, "a few weeks" = 5810 Burst, 1 Burst/each Transaction, 5800 Transactions for pool payout only within a few weeks.? No.

    Think Variance is the main reason. Theoretically there should be NO difference in the Long run whatever that maybe between solo and pool mining, except for the fees, 2% max. , plus the Transaction fees are ignorable when it Comes to to sizes like a few 100TBs..

  • @Marc most pools pay out when the pool hits 50-250 burst which is a big affect, i havent done the math yet

  • @HiDevin Lets say in this case 5000 Burst Transaction fees (=5000 single pool payouts) for the sake of it, within "a few weeks", thats 6 weeks so to speak and assuming, so 42 days, thus 119(!) pools payout every day. Nah. But dunno, numbers are assumptions as dunno the Details which pool etc.

    Sorry for hijacking the thread, Solo with 300TB still better imo than pool was the main message. (But not for 7-9%, but less). (In the Long run, for which 6 weeks or even double that is not enough).