[CLOSED] Minero200TB

  • Good morning from Spain!

    For the brave we still have hope and we are confident that the crypto world will not end on August 1, here's a good reason to keep and not sell:

    Minero200 (8140956823699307160) Total found assets: 200000, Assets to be distributed: 12595
    Summary of proposed distribution of  102.1220093BURST to 23
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 92125563 (Tue, 25 Oct 2016 18:26:03 GMT)
    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    3404, BURST-FKHT-J2EN-SZZE-2LEYT, 27.60010478
    2771, BURST-H9U5-TNLF-2KYU-E546J, 22.46765286
    1533, BURST-63JX-8BGZ-FWAG-9PAA2, 12.42977692
    1407, BURST-UM9T-NJ9G-3Y9Y-GQDDE, 11.40815142
    1024, BURST-67Y3-BX2L-JXVF-HKU9G, 8.30273422
    499, BURST-PNKS-C34V-5PWM-6K4PF, 4.04596131
    459, BURST-VNQF-KHQQ-3XEL-89WGT, 3.72163575
    400, BURST-353E-D8LE-GFC5-GZQ2T, 3.24325556
    220, BURST-LFYZ-4FK6-X32G-FZMHF, 1.78379056
    200, BURST-VE64-F7KW-DG26-HJPQL, 1.62162778
    200, BURST-XEXL-75MU-V72P-EP2K6, 1.62162778
    150, BURST-UJVB-DL99-38HE-ABCXQ, 1.21622083
    100, BURST-2K3R-FLUT-GZ94-H6ACX, 0.81081389
    100, BURST-WPHM-5AX7-C2FY-3AX4Z, 0.81081389
    50, BURST-UJ9B-B93H-BPP9-4SNWK, 0.40540694
    20, BURST-X7MV-H4U3-JWD8-HLUFB, 0.16216278
    16, BURST-DEB8-65L2-GP8W-GX4X9, 0.12973022
    14, BURST-TA5N-GZ2F-86UH-HGYLJ, 0.11351394
    10, BURST-79B3-376Z-R322-9UJA6, 0.08108139
    10, BURST-9M64-NSA3-WVZH-3FQKF, 0.08108139
    5, BURST-L47J-TKLH-7D4N-HC7UF, 0.04054069
    2, BURST-BFDE-YTVZ-N7QB-CXBAP, 0.01621628
    1, BURST-DCYT-U2V7-UC36-AVB29, 0.00810814

    0_1499849263748_chart (1).png

    24 Burst in fees. Next threshold will be 300 Burst as pools do. Thank you!

  • I have been doing calculations as you can see in the new section of the spreadsheet "calculate share price" and with the current Burst price I will not be able to reach the target of the 200TB. What's more, I'm selling the GB so cheap that it's not maintainable over time.

    So I decided to raise the price per share to 3 Burst that would be the price today to be able to continue adding discs.

    I have also seen the two sales orders I had and I have bought them.

    I have posted the new batch of 5'450 shares.

    Nothing changes for the ones you bought cheaper, it's the reward for taking the risk of betting on a new asset, thank you!

  • I've been trying to understand the last transactions I've made to buy stocks that were on sale. I hope it's just that it's a complicated topic to understand but I've seen something that I did not like at all, a transaction that was later executed appears with an earlier date.

    I've posted this at:


  • I modified the text of the initial announcement since the operation of the asset was different from what I had planned at first:

    • I am paying even if the total of the lot has not been sold.
    • It is no longer a weekly payment but when it reaches a total, right now of 300 Burst.
    • I updated the initial photo.
    • I have removed the calculations since that is already the shared spreadsheet.

    Now it's all much simpler to understand:

    1GB = 1 Share = 3 Burst

    Yesterday I received another hard drive and it is already being plotted. Today an expansion card for the USB will arrive (maybe I record a video).

  • @aitor which card did you go with? the sonnet allegro pro?

  • Perhaps, I bought this http://amzn.eu/ijbUOrC but the brand here is ORICO

  • New video:

  • Hey Aitor, thanks for the video. I originally was taking about 1 day per TB with the Xplotter, but figured out it is because of the SMR drive write speed (Seagate), Not sure if yours are SMR or PMR- google. Instead i now plot to a 2TB internal hard drive connected via Sata and then copy it over to the External drive, this cut my time in half and can now do 2 TB/day. Maybe something to consider. Also the USB 3.0 pci card you bought appears to have only one controller(1 per 7 ports)?- basically it will take the 5gbps (640MBps) usb 3.0 speed and split that up between any plugged in devices. Something to keep in mind as read/write speed will slow down as more devices are plugged in. I imagine the drives read/write speeds of your drives -max are around 150 MBps. It will eventually become your bottleneck. This one has 4 controllers (1 per port).
    Here is a neat video comparison

    So you could plug 4 external usb 3.0 hubs into each port and then add like 16 drives or so without sacrificng read speed.

    Just trying to help with the little bit i have learned!

  • @Jaxblack Thank you for the information, I didn't know the controller thing I was only seeing that usb 3 it's better than 2. The price of the Sonnet Allegro it's really high, I can buy a new motherboard with 129$.

    What I have done taking advantage of what you have said, is to separate the total of disks between the two cards, so I can improve the total reading time by about 10 seconds.

  • I have stopped the stock sale. As the price of Burst is, there is no way to sell GB equivalent to €. I'm going to give a rethink to see how I could do it, maybe by going back to the initial idea.

    Payments will continue to accumulate as before.

    Thank you!

  • I do not want to continue losing money every day so I have decided to close the asset.

    I have sold the power of 12 TB and I have received in exchange € for value of not carrying 6 TB. With Burst falling every day it is not possible to make future plans.

    I tried, I wanted to make an asset that was easy to understand, but it did not work. So I'd rather close.

    The repurchase price will be 3 Burst per asset, the highest price at which it has been sold. Most of you bought it at 1.7038 so I hope the difference will cover the inconvenience.

    Please, put the sales orders and I will buy them as I have money.

    I made the payment of the outstanding balance and paid the commissions of 19 Burst.

    Many thanks to everyone for the trust and see you in the forums equally.

  • @aitor wow 😳 I believed the future of this coin but it seems like you quit for just price change. I hope you can buy shares bacause I trusted you and bought many shares.

    I was planning to start an asset for myself. If people still believe future of the burst coin we can make this happen. If you agree with me let me know so I can start the asset.

    From my point of view, we should make investments when then price is low and gain as much as we can. Because in the future the difficulty will increase and people will ask for higher prices.

    Who are with me let me know. Currently İ am mining with 27TB

  • It is not a matter of price but of foresight into the future. If I sell 1Gb to 3 Burst because I calculate that with that I will be able to expand with a new disc and when I am going to convert it to € I realize that it does not reach me even for half, I am playing the fool.

    Right now I do not know how a miner asset can work.

  • By the way, the first purchase has already been made. You only need to add the sell order.

  • @aitor Sorry to hear you are closing. I was just reading all this thread and ready to buy some assets!

    Very glad to see how did you close the asset, making a very fair buy-back. Hope to see you again.

    Zorte on!

  • @Mikelon i liked the beard so much -.-

  • If you create a new asset in the future let me know, i am sorry to hear your closing it but respect the way you are handling it.

  • Thanks for all the work You did! I subscribed as your follower. If You will create some new asset, I will try to join if I will have free money.

  • Thank you for all your comments.

  • Unfortunately Burst price dropped like a rock from the cliff and it ruined your plans. I hope everything will get back and we will see your assets once again. I liked your inspiration to the work and it's sad that everything went in this way. Good luck in future!