Burst Client AIO Miner Problem - Cant Mine

  • Ok, so every since, the miner doesn't like me. I've got the following setup.

    Windows 7 x64 with 32gb ram
    2 x xeon 5350 ( setup as 1 physical processor and 14 cores)
    4 x 3 tb drives running.

    I mine via cpu only.

    So when I open up the wallet and click on "Start Mining"
    the mining box pops up but another box with the warning pops up.

    Warning message: "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert disk into drive A:."

    Ok, so for all of you about to say "check your config". I did, in fact, I even decided to remove everything"even hidden files" from my pc and started over.
    Downloaded the wallet, same problem.
    So, the box says "Cancel" "Try Again" and "Continue" doesn't matter what I select, when I click on the pool to select my pool, it pops up again. so... I have no way of mining.

    Further more, my miner shuts down about 4 hours into mining. I've turned debug off in the config, and that allowed for it to run about 2 more hours longer but it's still erroring out on me. It just "stops working". (This was when I could mine)

    For those of you who will say "Use the standalone miner!" No. No I will not. This is a problem I'm trying to get solved.

    So, first problem, I can't mine at all.
    Second problem: miner stops working.

    alt text