Question to owners of 50TB and more

  • Hi Guys,

    I have 15TB (3x5TB) and my reading speed is about 30Mb/s. It takes me more then 2 minutes to read all my 15Tb and find a DL. Quite often a new block appears quicker then in 2 minutes and I don't find good DL because not all my capacity has been scanned. All my HDDs were plotted by Xplotter v1.0 and should be optimized. I would like to increase my capacity up to 100TB but have a concert that if I add more HDDs, time to scan 100TB will too long.
    How do you solve this problem? How much time it takes you to scan your big capacity?

  • @Sanya1982 GPU miner with USB 3.0. You'll see improvement on your times

  • @Zaza thats a good idea!

    @Sanya1982 report back on how much it cut you down time wise from the CPU miner

  • Well.. I think it depends on how you have your drives setup/attached, as well as how your software is configured. So think about this....

    I have all of my rigs essentially setup the same when it comes to the hard drives. Raid 0, then chunks attached to vm's as datastores. So basically, you have raid 0, which pulls from multiple drives.

    So my read speads for the small one is 130mbp/s
    the larger miner I have is running at 680mbp/s. You shouldn't be running that low with 3 drives. It should look more like 90mbp/s for you, or at the very least, 58-60mbp/s