• help with gpu plotter !

    Good day, I try to plott with gpu plotter but after finishing it is not seen in the miner ! i have 3 external hard drive seagate , 8 Tb each !

    Can somebody help me to fill the .bat file for gpu plotter ? maybe is my fault when i fill the .bat file command ...
    first plot
    gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer e:\11412722126304335011_0_30310400_4096

    second plot drive
    gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer f:\11412722126304335011_50000000_30310400_4096

    That's what I did but it's not seen by the miner as being plotted. They are full, in red, with tabs from plotting in, but the miner does not see them.

    Can anyone help me with the exact numbers I have to put, for the first driver, the second driver and the third driver? Thank you .
    I lost a week and no results ........