Which exchange website converts my BURST to Fiat?

  • I couldn't find anything neither on this forum nor in external searches. Also it confuses me that e.g. poloniex is supposed to support BURST exchange and yet it wasn't possible. So where do I exchange?

  • poloneix is a crypt currency exchange. You deposit your burst to polo then trade it for BTC then trade BTC for whatever else you want like LTC ETH etc. There is no Burst to Fiat exchanges. You can only change burst to fiat in one on one trades.

    To get burst from polo you can use something like xcoins or coinbase to buy btc then send it to polo and exchange that for burst

  • How do I exchange in p2p trades? I see TONS of material regarding assets here but none to nothing for a simple and easy exchange.

    Can I exchange Burst for another cryptocurrency and then sell the other one for Fiat?

    Update: I notice now that I misread what you said. You already answered my question, thanks.

  • changing Burst to Bitcoin will give you the most options to then change Bitcoin to fiat

  • @Akito There is NO direct, lets say one-stop-way to convert BURST to € or $ currently so to speak.

    You have first to convert your Burst to BC (or other currency) via a trading Exchange like Poloniex. From there, there are plenty of vendors out there willing to convert your BC (or whatever the top 5 crypto currencys are currently) back to € or $ and send it to you via SEPA to your regulal bank account, send it to your Skrill, convert it to Amazon Vouchers etc.

    It sounds more difficult than in reality it is -its just 2 steps and stops instead of one, thus Need accounts at two vendors istead of an one-does-it-all platform.

  • @Marc is correct... no way to convert any crypto except BTC, ETH or LTC directly to fiat $... and even that I believe is only available on Coinbase at this point in time. So to convert any but those 3 to fiat, you must first go to an exchange... polo. bittrex, etc and convert to one of those 3, then transfer those proceeds to your corresponding wallet on Coinbase. From there, it is very easy to cash out in fiat $, esp if you already have a bank acct or debit card linked to your account. You simply sell your BTC/LTC/ETH and direct the proceeds to your $ USD wallet, then choose cash out option from there. They say it takes up to 2 days but all of my requests have shown up in my bank acct in 1 day.

    This is obviously not optimal since it is a multiple step process, so this really seems like a great opportunity for some companies to fill a gap.

  • https://anycoindirect.eu/en has 12 or 13 coins you can exchange for dollars plus use paypal.

  • If you want burst to fiat you can make a offer on the site and if your lucky a user will make you a trade