Need help - GPU plotting

  • Hello there burst lovers 🙂
    Finally got my 1060 6GB card. Started plotting using this manual:

    Start.bat contains this:
    gpuPlotGenerator generate direct h:\1948904431442773042_700000000_14868480_8192
    14868480 - number of nonces for 3630Gb

    And it gaves me an error: ERROR -5 CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES. Error in step 2 kernel launch0_1498154446440_help.jpg

    Any clues guys, what am i doing wrong?

  • Have you tried on buffer mode? I followed this guy's tutorial, and worked fine for me:

  • In buffer mode its crushes my video driver, forces it to restart

  • Found a solution - Troubleshooting for all errors could be found here

    For me, the solutiong was in halving parameters in devices.txt
    Started with this 1 0 6144 768 8192
    1 0 1536 192 4096

    It works now in "direct" mode with my GTX1060 6gb.
    But the speed at start was 30 000 nonces per minute
    and dropped to 11 000 per minute

    GPU TDP jumping from 15% to 41%
    Temperature of GPU chip rised to 67C

    So i think these parameters should be optimised in some way
    1 0 1536 192 4096

  • @Weasel From what I have read, the Dev does not have the equipment available to test for nvidia GPUs and would appreciate your input when you find the settings that work the best for your hardware.

    here is the thread,

    the last several posts to that thread might also help you!

  • @mr.x thank you Mr.X! It really helped me.
    Ofcourse will share my exp there.

  • @Weasel, I use a GTX1060 6GB and I had the same issue. It was the devices.txt settings. Here is what I have now for values:

    0 0 2048 128 2048

    I've tried some different settings, like you I'm not convinced I've found optimal values yet.

  • @Evo continuing to make experimets
    MSI GTX 1060 6Gb, DDR3 8Gb RAM, Geoforce Game Ready driver 382.53
    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
    Using GPUplotter 4.1.1

    Recommended parameters: 1 0 6144 768 8192 - driver crashes
    1 0 1536 192 4096 - plotting speed dropping from 40-30k nonces to 11k
    1 0 2048 256 4096 - same speed, dropping to 11k - and system constantly lagging
    1 0 2048 256 2048 - 16.7k speed! system lagging too
    1 0 2048 192 2048 - 16.7 - 17k speed, rare lagging

    Hope developer of GPU plotter will help here

  • @Weasel, thanks for sharing! What that tells me is that I need to go back and try some different settings.

    4.1.1 wasn't out when I last used the 1060 for plotting, so I had the "old" direct mode of operation where it would fill the drive on pass one and then swing through again and optimize. The first pass speeds where always decent: 50,000+. But the second pass would start out very slow (under 5000) and then climb over the next few hours.

    It's difficult to compare performance when your numbers are all over the map. I want to see how well 4.1.1 does in this respect. I'll be trying your numbers and will post feedback. Now all I need are some more drives to plot!