How to let people know about a new Asset

  • Hello everyone,

    so... I have been mining Burstcoin for a few month now and have been a little been active on Burstnation.

    I am currently running three storage Servers with 16x8 = 128 tb each. 4th is plotting and all the hardware for the 5th already there.

    Some people suggested putting these miners into an asset. So here I am trying to figure out how to tackle this.

    Are there any recommendations which is the best way to do this? Once I issued the asset, how can I make people know about it?

    Is there a source where all excisting assets are listed? So that I can estimate a fair price for each asset and also put my asset on?


  • @X-calibur you can advertise here and possibly over at BN

    and you would post here in this category