How Do I Buy Burstcoin With USD?

  • How do i buy Burstcoin with USD? I've looked on how to do this and haven't really been able to find anything that is legal in New York.

  • If you want burst to fiat you can make a offer on the site and if your lucky a user will make you a trade

  • Manfromafar, how are these exchanges conducted? They done on paypal or a different site? Do you think .018 would be an acceptable offer at the moment for a $150 purchase?

  • Now are you talking about bitcoin or burstcoin at current prices 150 USD will get you 8000 burst

  • Burst, im also looking to start mining it as a long term investment.

  • Nice If you need some burst to get started we have a faucet in our discord channel in my sig.

  • @AnthonyToff
    I use coinbase almost everyday, but the funds go to the bank.
    Here is a kind of PITA way to do what you want to do.

    Purchase SLL with Paypal, trade SLL for BTC, deposit your BTC at Poloniex exchange in your BTC wallet, then purchase Burstcoin.

  • @mr.x said in How Do I Buy Burstcoin With USD?:
    Purchase SLL with Paypal, trade SLL for BTC, deposit your BTC at Poloniex exchange in your BTC wallet, then purchase Burstcoin.

    I've tried the first time to buy Burst and for small payments, you loose 40%, as far as I know you still loose up to 20% for fees, on bigger amounts. Only want to mention it, as I first underestimated them.

  • @mr.x Virwox doesnt work with NYS residents(thank to Coumo) I used a VPN and then it wouldn't accept my pay pal or my Visa card. Coin base is also not working even with VPN, it says User is unable to buy.

  • @Shoiji Thank you for the heads up! I found that site near the top google results, obviously they paid to be there. My mistake!

    @AnthonyToff Im sure there are other ways to buy bitcoin. I don't buy these coins with my paychecks, I trade or mine them so haven't sent any USD to coin base for a very long time.
    The last time I did send USD to coin base I used a bank debit card.
    Is your bank and all the hoops confirmed on the coin base account?

    Other than occasional poor bandwidth on GDAX, any problems I have had with coin base normally ended up being a mistake that I made. So if you have a new account make sure everything is properly confirmed.

    And if I remember correctly, it took close to a week for my account to be activated. They send a few pennies to you, then you report back the total pennies...
    If you want to use paypal, maybe buy some BTC from ebay?

    Im sure you wont get spot price, but at least you wont get ripped off!

    Or hangout, there has to somebody here willing to sell you some coins, since today is not a bad day to sell Burst. 😉

  • @mr.x.
    yeah, I'll check around the forums. Do you think they will take PayPal since it's a safe payment method?
    I'm sure there are plenty, im getting an 8tb lacie in a couple of days. I know it's not much but I'm just a student at the moment.

  • @AnthonyToff
    In a couple weeks there might be a better option,
    @falconCoin A community member is putting that web together for us, he might have some ideas.

    As far as Pay pal, they are dead to me, long story!

    Ah, like @RiskyFire has put together in his video. he is a decent youtuber, I bet that will work pretty good for you!
    I looked at the Toshiba drives and the reviews were awful, I think you made a good choice!
    Tross pool is just one of the good pools for small miners, I myself only have 10TB on Burst mining. I am a reforming GPU miner and will be adding 100TB to burst mining soon. 😉

    Good luck with the paypal thing, Burst is pumped to the nuts today so take your time.