New to mining question

  • So i have been mining now for a few days, switching pools looking over things and reading forum pages.

    Currently right now I have

    I7-6700k @ 4 GhZ
    32 Gigs Ram
    931 GB plotted.
    980 Ti (not using to mine)

    So far using just the CPU mining, and i have accumulated a total of .144 Burst coins.

    I can see confirmed DL in the miner.

    My question is do these numbers sound normal?
    I am currently using as my pool.

    23:13:58 Thread "E:\Burst\plots" @ 1.6 sec (146.8 MB/s) CPU 62.03%

    Does that seem fast? slow?

    Would i benefit more for adding more HD? switching to jminer?

    Just some general thought,
    Btw thank you for not calling me an idiot 🙂

    AwpTimUs no longer games, he Mines!

  • admin

    @Jimmyg123 Don't jump around pools, you'll hurt your earnings.

    More HDD = More chances of mining block, better deadlines, and better earnings.

  • Hi @Jimmyg123. There's definitely a learning curve when getting started, so no one is going to think you are an idiot. Actually, if you got some space plotted and got onto a pool you are doing well!

    Like @haitch said, there is really no substitute for hard drive space. The cheapest route would be to slap on external USB 3.0 drives as your budget allows. A little here, a little there; it adds up.

    Be aware too that mining is all statistical and random. Over time you will generally earn a certain average amount for a rig of a certain size. But it rarely comes steadily. You might get little or nothing for days, then make up for it by finding a block or even two in a short time. I've learned to semi-ignore the round to round stuff and just look at the numbers after one (or two or three) days.