Changed pool - no deadlines

  • Hi,

    Don't know is this the right place to ask but:

    I have changed pools from to, changed reward assignment and now no deadlines in like 30 blocks. Is that normal? Ill try to restart miner but no results.. And i don't see my name ir Historic Shares. Maybe i doing something wrong?

    (screen after miner restart)

  • Ok after ages i got my DL but:
    11:48:21 New block 374134, baseTarget 287036, netDiff 63842 Tb
    11:48:21 [17633653544363923067] found DL: 1489323
    11:48:22 [17633653544363923067] sent DL: 1489323 17d 05:42:03
    [ERROR 1004] Your Burst account's reward recipient (PHJ5-JMZP-3EQQ-EAA2B) do
    es not match pool's account (7Z2V-J9CF-NCW9-HWFRY)
    You need change reward assignment and wait 4 blocks (~16 minutes)
    I changed it twice.. Please help someone 😞

  • Seems AIO doing tricks today. Somehow when i choice he start mining different pool. Fixed now.

  • @ltu-power If you look at the image that you put the quality of the network in 86% already indicates that there is some problem, but if you also look at the image that I put you can see that the pool has some problem since it is in red numbers.
    The numbers followed by a Q are indicating that the pool has no funds to make the payments and it is normal that it does not have those funds since it is impossible for someone with 1TB to generate 59330924Q.

    The AIO is working well with what I am having problems are with the pools but it is that most of them are being attacked

    alt text