Pools reward

  • Hello everyone! Since i've been helped here everything works perfectly and i've been mining for three days now.
    I've join the pool http://pool.burstcoin.biz/ and there's just one little thing I don't understand...
    When a DL is sent, I enter the "Current shares" list, I get a % of the reward depending on my deadline. Is this correct ?
    Well yesterday I had a deadline of approximately 37 minutes and i was on top of the list. I was suppose to win 230 burst ( that was written on the list next to my name ) but I won just one... Is this normal ? Can someone explain this to me ?
    Thanks !

  • admin

    @MindGab The % in the current shares is what you'll get IF the pool wins this block. The % in the historic shares is what you'll get when the pool wins a block.

  • @haitch OK thanks ! And how do we know if the pool has win or not the block ?