What the correct path of the local DB in Win10 ?

  • It seems that I cant get the local db to run on Win 10 machine while on Win7 everything is working fine.

    On Win7, after I dl the complete DB I copied it to c:/user/username/appdata/roaming/burst wallet/ burst_db.

    Everythings fine.

    On the Win10 there is no such Folder (burst_db), and after creating it and unzipping the whole db into it Win10 /aio wallet current Version seems to ignore it. This by not starting the local wallet at all.

    Wrong Folder or where did I go wrong?

  • @Marc I'm running windows 10 and I still have that directory. The only difference is theres no space between burst and wallet. C:\Users\Burst\AppData\Roaming\BurstWallet\burst_db. If you're having an issue redownloading it, you could go to Help - Clean up DB via the wallet and see if it downloads there after you login local.

  • @Zaza just my typo, there is no space in the Folder Name BurstWallet, neither on 7 nor on 10.

    Also, I cant see how on the AIO Wallet Interface I can start or say "force" the local wallet to sync (even if will take days).

    On 7 in the right down Corner of the wallet there was a %Age showing the actual syncinc of the the local DB.

    On 10 - nothing.

    I have cleaned the DB on 10 a couple of times but think thats pointless - as there is no Folder "burst_db" its pointless cleaning/deleting whats in there.

  • On my windows 10 i have the burst_db in the folder with the run script.

    Works fine for me

  • Also, on 7 there is 2 files in the burst_db Folder:




    file size the first 6,2 GB which is obviously the DB itself (the blockchain) while burst.trace.db only 70kb some Kind of config(?) file, dunno. Can I copy burst.trace.db from win7 to win10 AND using it for another account/miner or would that not work?

  • I have both files too.. Moved them between windows and linux so don't see why you would have a problem moving them between 7 and 10. I don't think the database files care.

    Yes you can use them for another account.

  • @Marc reinstall wallet and backup passwords,

    actually run and sync local wallet when asked/ when first opening it

    once it gets to 0.01% it should create the folder too, and yes you can move those files if you want 😛

  • admin

    Looks like your Windows 10 machine has problems finding its java.

  • @daWallet What I did is dl the DB freshly, but before deinstalled Java und put up the actual Version (8.3.1 iirc).

    Works like a charm now and everything is fine, thanks daWallet for pointing me in the right direction (was a fresh installed Win10 Installation including Java so didnt find the idea ealier that the Java there already was outdated/incorrectly installed).