Hi Everyone! I'm new here! starting from 8tb TOSHIBA

  • Hi, I'm happy to join to burst comunity! My name is Den!
    briefly about rig:

    FX 6300 6 core 3.5Hhz
    8gb DDR3
    2 x 4TB TOSHIBA x300 HDD
    SATA III connection
    GeForce 9500GT
    Plotting 4TB: Xplotter: (-t5, 6GB) 15 155 200 nonces - 50 hours. (5000 nonces/min)

    a bit later I'll upload all benchmarks regarding TOSHIBA X300 drives.

    planning to raise capacity slowly.

    I've receive some faucet from user Energy (thanks)! and've decide to mine on pool.burstcoin.biz. will provide further info!

  • I got some of those Toshiba drives on sale, the 6GB ones I think. I've been getting reads around 150MB/s so I think they're a bit better than the USB drives I've been doing.

  • @captinkid and why you selling them? what you will using instead? is there a better option?

  • @crs I'm fairly certain that he meant he bought the drives on a sale not sold them.

    I got some of those Toshiba drives on sale.

  • @Apfel truly! thanks Apfel!

  • @captinkid are you mining with cpu miner? can i ask what speed you got per each thread?
    I got 50MB/s on avrg and its not near 150 MB/s
    alt text

  • I normally run just 2-3 data threads and max intensity for the CPU threads. It reads 2-3 drives at around 90MB/s each so total throughput is about 300MB/s across the array.

    I don't have near enough TB to warrant using the GPU to mine, it's the hard drives that are the bottleneck until you get to crazy high amounts of TBs

    I'm using nice workstation class computers, so no real CPU or memory or backplane bottlenecks, at least not at the 30TB I'm at right now.

    Could be a LOT of things affecting the throughput, from the way and size you plot the files, to the computer hardware. I'd say try different things until you can find ways to improve it. It takes time.