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    As you've probably noticed, the forum is now displaying ads. I've spent the last year avoiding putting ads on the sites, but economic reality means I need to. The host this site (and the other burst-team sites) runs on cost in excess of $3,000, hosting costs for the server are $100/month. I've kept the ads as discrete as possible - a single, low profile, ad in the footer of each page.

    I don't know if the ads will cover my hosting costs, but any offset against those costs is welcome. I hope you all understand why this has been done, and don't have an issue with the ads.


  • Could you set up a CF for these hosting costs? I am sure that the majority of people involved with Burst appreciate the work you have done so far, and therefore I can imagine people will donate. After all we are a community, so it makes sense to support each other.

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    Or maybe you could even set up an asset that pays dividends IF the advertisements cover all the hosting costs and has a surplus? I am not familiar with ad revenues and such, but it is just an idea. 🙂

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    @Propagandalf I considered a CF - but why should you guys be out of pocket to run my host? Using ads, google pays for the hosting. I've kept the ads as non-intrusive as possible, but if people are really opposed to them, I'll reconsider having them.

  • @haitch Sure thing, if the ad revenues cover them that is perfect. In my opinion, the adverts in the footer are quite non-intrusive, which is great. On the contrary, I'm waging a personal war against AVG (antivirus program) for hosting a ridiculously aggressive marketing campaign right now, lol.

    Just wanted to make sure you saw the bottom of my last comment, as I edited it right before you answered.

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    @Propagandalf Once I get an idea of what the ads pay, I'll certainly look at an asset if ad income exceeds costs.

  • ill disable adblock then

  • @haitch an asset might be a good idea to prolong the risk of running out of funds. give all the money the website needs for hosting and then give the rest to the asset

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    @ddos So far the ads have yet to cover the cost of 1 months of hosting. I'll see if that improves, and look at an asset.

  • @haitch how much of the hosting cost has the ads covered? one month sounds legit

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    @ddos It's close to a months worth, after I take tax out, they've been running just over 2 weeks, so in a month it should cover costs, and leave enough to funding an asset.

  • @haitch sweet 🙂

  • I usually hate ads. That said. I haven't seen one so far on the forum! So it is completely inconspicuous. I have no aversion to non intrusive ads.

    Besides, I think it's great revenue to help offset the costs that help provide the forum for the entire community.

    Kudos for the idea.

    And the comments above are also great contributions.

    This forum continually amazes me regarding supporting each other. It's inspiring

  • @haitch when would you have this asset ready?

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    @Username Talking with Crowetic about it at the moment, soon I'd expect.

  • @haitch it looks like on my browser (google chrome) that there is some room on the bottom of the page for you to stack a couple of banner ads

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    @Username If you do a refresh they should be there. For some reason Chrome they stop displaying after a while.

  • @haitch i mean like you could put more than one on the bottom and it wouldnt be noticable because most people dont even notice the one you put there in the first place

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    @Username - I want to keep them as unobtrusive as possible; I was reluctant to even put any ads up all. So one in the footer is all there will ever be. What we're looking at for the asset is: $50 a month will be taken out to cover half my hosting costs, and 33% will be taken out to cover what the IRS is going to want from me, the balance goes back to the community who invest in the asset and tolerate the ads.

    Details of the asset are being finalized, but roughly what we're looking at is 1M shares @ 50 Burst each. 250K to be released in the first offering. The funding of the asset will be (income from ads) - (33% for the tax I'll need to pay on that income) - ($50 which is 50% of my hosting cost - I'll pay the other 50%). The remaining funds will be converted to Burst, and proportionally distributed to asset holders. I estimate, on current click-thru rate, that this will be about 250K Burst/month, depending on how many people click on the ads. The more clicks, the more income, the more Burst that will be payable.

  • @haitch that will help the Burst value so much with the constant buying. its pay per click? not pay per view?

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