me also in need

  • i could use one too...i wonder if there a build in feature in the whole "system" that could manage this so i dont forget the kind person that helps out?


  • @boelle sent

  • thanks a lot.... will pay back as soon the first 2 are in

    are there a system within the system that could handle this automatic?

    just asking as i dont know much yet

  • @boelle You do not have to give me back anything and for automatic I do not know what you mean, there are some faucets but you do not always have funds

  • by autoamtic i mean that i tell the AIO client to give you 2 burst once i have mined them

    so i did go to ../rewardassignment.html and entered the passphrase... i then got a LOOOON number but i guess that is normal

  • @boelle Youre completly wrong on this one with the reward assignment as this is a function of the Asset Exchange you - so far - has nothing to do with it.

    You were - obviously - searching for a function that would automatically send the Burst you have received as a "gift" back to the Person initially has donated to you - as soon as you have mined them (or own in another way).

    There is no such function in the wallet, and as 5 or 10 Burst is only, 0,000x or the like Cents in $ (but hey, its rising fast !) General Consensus here is that Senior members send a couple of Burst to Newcombers just to get them started without the Need for you to sending it back. hth.

  • oh well so i just farted the one burst away for nothing facepalm

  • @boelle sent you some for another fart try, should arrive soon.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. Tried again. Failed better.

  • so i also got jminer running... i have configured a wrong account num hence it would not touch my plot files

    are there any downsides to using 2gb plots compared to 52gb ?

    and what do i do once the burst are there ? sorry for being such a noob

  • also figured what to do when the bursts show up :-d

  • well i found a much better wallet server

    now things are going much smoother and i have returned the burst i got... sadly the fee eat a lot