How often do you guys Forge a block?

  • Just forge one 60 minutes ago. Got 1k payout, just wondering if this is like a once in a while kind of thing. I always fell down my chair when I saw the payout. I kind of told my wife and she goes HEY FOOL MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION!!! LOL. I hope you guys have a better understanding significant other!

    Anyways, finished plotting on a decom'd exchange server E5-2650x2 @ 32 cores but lacking on the disk department only 3.3TB only its all in mini SAS disks 😞 It was doing 24k nonces while plotting with 31 cores lol

    I also had to rebuild another server with a RAID-5 that I plotted. I ended up doing RAID-0 on each of the drives it ended with 16+ drives but they are the older SAS drives on a Dell PowerVault 16 slots, bunch of 300GB and 146GB drives maybe half half. So far it's doing 10k nonces/min.

    I'm dreading to do the 8TB drives.. I think even putting that on the 32Core server its probably still going to be slow.


  • Well, as soon as you have your drives plotted, it will go faster. But those drives are pretty small. for you than for many others. What's the total capacity?

    You wife sounds like mine. 🙂

  • @vmantilla Around 3.8 TB Only 😞 It was running 1.6TB in raid-5 so I opted to redo it in RAID-0

  • admin

    @rmbuan If it's a multi core server you're better off making each drive a separate raid 0 disk - the miners can mine the drives in parallel - one large Raid0 drive, one thread mine it sequentially, multiple RAID0 drives, each one being mined simultaneously in parallel.

  • @haitch

    Thanks, you are right it is a multi core server. I think I saw yesterday from the forum the suggestion to do raid0 on each of the drives; not one large raid0. Just need to do 7 more disks, its actually plotting pretty nicely at 10k nonces.

    Question: btw on my home rig, I finish plotting 4x4TB on the internal 2U case. Say if I take those 4 drives and put them on a Probox external storage and connect them via eSATA. The only thing I need to worry about is that their drive letters should be the same as when they are internally connected right? Then I can put another set of 4TB internally and plot them then move them again on a second Probox and so on? I notice that if I plot directly to the eSATA its a bit slower.

  • admin

    @rmbuan sort of - if you move the drives and assign them the same drive letters, when you get the new internal drives they MUST be on different drive letters than you've used before, or you have to use advanced mode and assign the starting nonce.