Use BTC faucets to purchase BURST coins

  • A user on the Bitcointalk forum once posted a set of instructions on how to visit BTC faucets on a regular basis. Furthermore, he suggested that when the acquired BTC sum is large enough, you transfer it to an exchange and buy BURST. There are many BTC faucets around, and if you are dedicated enough, you should be able to buy your self quite a few BURST in the long run. And with your newly bought BURST coins, you could further invest them into some good assets, which would make your coins grow.

    If the interest for this is big enough, it could in theory have quite a positive effect on the markets, supporting the BURST price. Perhaps someone who is more "travelled" than me in BTC faucets would like to share a few secrets? I used to use the faucet in

  • @Propagandalf i have been doing something simillar to that... the BTC faucets are paying so little that for my experience you could make more money claiming with other coins... Two advices:

    • I'm doing around 0.015 LTC and only work on that around a 1/1,5 hours per day so if i would be more dedicated to this i can make a lot of LTC's a day. Here's the site:
      Just access and put your LTC address in the box and Check!
      In there is a Faucets list with a lot of Faucets from where you can claim... They have faucets for a lot of coins, BTC included (but i won't recommend)
    • I use FreeBitcoin (only BTC faucet i use) too and they have a new one... FreeDogeCoin.
      Try it and claim 🙂
      I would like if you could use my referall link:

  • I do this currently and have a good history of doing so. Faucets are just that, micro amounts of Satoshi that typically pay 30 to 300 per click and/or period of time. This is painful if you visit many different facets and often obscured by the faucet site owners trying to generate revenue my putting fake link, capccha and overlays of flash everywhere.

    I can only recommend one site, DonaldCoin. I visit this site twice a day to pick up my payouts (you could do it more and you would get more), I don't have a ton of time so I only spend 2 minutes a day and my typical rewards is over 1000 Satoshi a day. I've tried numerous other sites you have probably seen ads for, they work but not nearly as well.

    If you want to try it out please use the link below so I receive the referral credit (Yes my account name is NotValid, literally)

    You can cash out directly to you BTC wallet (minimum required) or compound it on FaucetBox.Com as mentioned above. This yields before transaction fees (%2) about ~25 BURST at the current exchange rate of 45 Satoshi to 1 Burst. In the long run by converting Satoshi it strengths BURST which should increase the value slowly over time which is ideal for coin survival and growth.

    Hope This Helps.


    PS> Just did my first login for the day. Got 750 total (Daily Bonus, Collect Button, Beagle Boy (not always available))

    Full Stats Disclosure Measured from 7/12/16

    • Checking it only once a day, 2 minutes tops, ~650, if you do this method change your worker to a slower but larger capacity, you should increase to 800 per day then
    • Typical Day: ~1500, (2 Checks about 5 minutes)
    • Day were I check often > 3000 (about 6 or 7 checks over the day)

  • I do this as well I use a bitcoin faucet that pays every 5 minute and allows me to cash out at 20000 sats then use that to buy Burst. A bit time consuming but I have plenty of time.

  • Thank you both for the suggestion I started doing this yesterday and just made my first purchase of 750 burst coins.. Your right a long way of doing it but between this and mining I am starting to really get some burst coins together Thank to everyone in this forum you have all been extremely helpful

  • These are all good suggestions so far! If you are skilled at or similar, you should definitely check out It is basically a game with different modes where you can win free bitcoins from faucet-powered modes, or you can wager BTC to try and win more in the paid modes.

    I am currently on 6th place on the hall of fame, and have won about 0.36 BTC in total. I have spent this on BURST and other things. I have played it a lot though, so don't expect winning all that at once. If you join, please use my referral link:

  • The recently fixed 'Surfbar' is also an easy way to earn Burstcoins. It works by letting the Surfbar load advertisements on your browser, and you get paid in Burst based on how many adverts you have loaded. You find it here: After adding your wallet ID you get a personal Surfbar link that you can use. Here, you will also see some stats.

    Read more about Surfbar here and here

    Note: This this list of tips and tricks might keep growing. You can 'Watch' the thread to keep updated, and/or bookmark it (context menu of OP) to keep it handy for future reference. @administrators If you like the idea of such an overview, perhaps it can be pinned somewhere or even be made into a 'FAQ'-section?

  • Whoa, great tips, Propagandalf! (and great nick too!!! 🙂
    Thanks for the tip, IceBurst, already registered using your referral link 🙂
    I have been doing the faucet business for a while myself. For a few days I was hooked on, and I got about 40k satoshis a day for claiming from various faucets. I had around 30-40 tabs open with faucets in my browser, and I scheduled claiming from them in a way that I could be continuously clicking. Imagine how monotonous it got after a few days...
    Recently, I have been more into faucets like donaldcoin, namely

    (Sorry for the referrals, feel free to delete those parts of the URLs if you are not into this).

    These faucets are not as efficient as donaldcoin, but they can also provide a decent amount of sats in 1-2 weeks. It is worth looking into these faucets more than once or twice a day (I usually claim from them about 5-10 times a day).

    Just a question guys: which is better for the growth of the BURST network? 1. accumulate as much BURST as possible, 2. trade BURST back and forth with various assets, 3. both?

    Edit: I assume the growth of the BURST network will also mean that BURST gets more valuable. Am I right?

  • @jonekk Both.. Is my understanding is that what values burst is the size of the network, amount of transactions and value of that transactions...

  • I'm new to all this, but I've come across MonsterBTC

    It pays from 900 to 5000 satoshi every 20 minutes. *the exact number of satoshi varies with each claim

    Since finding this site, I've earned: 0.00048996BTC in just under 24 hours.

    Please note, you must have 500000 satoshi before you can be paid out.

    It appears good to me, so I thought I would share it.

    (Then again, I'm new to the whole crytocurrency thing, so this might not be as good as I think it is - if it's not good, please let me know and I'll remove this post)

    I've also used moon bitcoin - I earnt 2753 satoshi in the exact same time frame I have been using MonsterBTC.

  • @Leece Looks good, but:

    @MonsterBTC said in Home page:

    Guaranteed payments every Monday. Withdrawal from 500000 satoshi. Admission during the day. The minimum amount is going to very quickly and easily. Funds to FaucetBox

    Let us know if they are really paying...

  • @Leece i have tried that site and request for a payout and they havent payed out in almost a month so I dont know about that site.

  • @Holiidayz
    Really? I've only been using it for a couple of days. But, I;'ll report back if in fact they do pay out

    Thanks for the heads up

  • @jonekk said in Use BTC faucets to purchase BURST coins:

    siness for a while myself. For a few days I was hooked on, and I got about 40k satoshis a day for claiming from various faucets. I had around 30-40 tabs open with faucets in my browser, and I scheduled claiming from them in a way that I could be continuously clicking. Imagine how monotonous it got after a few days...
    Recently, I have been more into faucets like donal

    What makes burst grow in value, it's rather simple, if you want something and other people want it and the supply is low they will pay more, my current strategy is hoard and store burst. Well kind of, I also reinvest my bust into assets that I deem to be potentially profitable. I own two assets and I'll give reviews after I have owned them an amount of time that is adequate to report on.



  • @IceBurst I'm with the same strategy but since i've got a 1Tb to 1,5Tb plot i'm not getting much burst from the mining itself so i've tried a lot of stuff and one of the most profitable, but time loss is big, is use faucets and coin exchange to grow your Burst portfolio, and i don't think it's bad for the coin... Actually i think that's good if a lot of people are going to exchange BTC or whatever the coin to burst because that values the coin...

  • @Holiidayz when the alms are big the poor distrust! Is a SCAM!!!

  • im use this for doge coin. they pay to your wallet every hour

  • MonsterBTC is cool gives 900 to 5000 Satoshi per 20 min, which is highest of what I have come across different Faucets. Having very good referral program as well. Pls use my referral link 🙂

  • Donaldcoin also gives very good nos of Satoshi per hour plus added bonuses if you use my referral it will give be good for me too.

  • @munindragoswami

    Apparently the MonsterBTC doesn't pay out from what I have been led to believe. Have you actually received a payment from them? If you have, please let me know because I like the faucet set up but I gave up when I was told they didn't pay up.

    I also used DonaldCoin and I like it a lot.