Video Card Help

  • Looking for a entry level GPU that will work for plotting and Reading I have looking at the RX550 or GTX 1050 any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  • admin

    @gersey I've always had better luck with the AMD's instead of nVidia - RX 460 or better, on current cards, but even the 79xx/78xx, and 2xx cards still do ok.

  • Thanks, that's a question I'm having currently as well. Now I'm using CPU plotting with i7-5500u and it runs with 5000 nonces/min., way too slow and I would love to have around 20k nonces/min. Do you think a rx460 or rx550 can bring this performance? They are pretty nice regarding the price (110€ and 96€). My budget for a GPU is max. 150€.