College Tuition (Haitch Verified)

  • Hi, I am Known as Senpai in discord and Darkcloudninja in the forums. I am currently 19 years old, and i wish to head to college this year. I plan on heading to Ivy Tech in Indiana. (the US)I Currently live alone. I decided that i wanted to work in the IT field as a server administrator. I need a certification to become one. but i would like to get a bachelors in computer science and become more knowlegeable with server software. Now you might be asking me why not ask your parents for help. And well to answer that. they refuse to. they want me to work in a steel mill here in Indiana instead of heading off to college. (Kinda like the whole family does it why not you) Now i did apply for government aid but my parents made too much money to get any help from the government. so im on my own now. Now you might be asking well What the costs. tuition for this year is 6,494.23$ USD. i have saved over the past six months 1,562.32$ USD, that leaves me with 4,931.91$ USD to pay.Now on to what my second year will be like. I will only need help with this year. I will have enough saved from working to pay for my second year.(i hope, well if everything goes to plan.)What i will do is keep a blog type forum posting of what im doing and how college is going, and of course what my grades are. i will be posting pictures (if requested) of grades, classes, and how the current work is going.I will be adding my registration acceptance letter to the post when i receive it in the mail.
    Now what i raise in the crowdfund will go straight to that. I have 3 options:

    • The first Crowdfund will help fund 2 months of a student loan payment.

    • The second will fund 25% of my overall payment.

    • The third will fund my whole tuition
      The burst amount i will need is 210,404 That is my whole tuition.

  • 0_1498284567330_image.jpg Here is my acceptance letter

  • i am currently creating all 3 crowdfunds. @haitch will post the verified pic when he gets on hopefully :D. if you dont believe me. please check the other forum i made.

  • BURST-MLSD-9U75-FJDT-CB27V This is Crowdfund number 3. This will fund my whole tuition. Remember you get to choose which one you wish to fund. and if the amount is not reached ALL burst does go back to its owner who donated.
    Option Number 2 BURST-A67C-QPHK-JCNL-FTNFS.

    Option Number 1 BURST-6L8N-48ZU-E25X-DM85C.

  • All Crowdfund accounts have been made. please choose which one you would like to donate to. All accounts will be open for one month.

  • admin

    @darkcloudninja is provisionally verified based on the acceptance letter, he'll be fully verified when I get the usual ID verification, but I have no reason to believe it's faked.


  • @haitch thanks

  • All crowdfunds are open for 4 weeks.

  • I have takin the Reading portion of the Placer test 😃 i passed with an average score :D. tomorrow i take Writing. than Thursday i take Math 😃

  • I have taken the math portion of the Placer test and have passed with high marks 😃 @Evo

  • @darkcloudninja, looks like you are moving forward. Good job! Hey, i was in the wallet last night and browsed through the crowdfund section. I did see your three entries.

    One thing I noticed is that there is no amount or target specified for each; all I see is NAN. So basically no one knows whether you are asking for 1 or a million burst.

    Sadly, a lot of the crowdfunds look like they are not being funded.

    I know that with the recent difficulty increases my earnings have dropped. And this is after doubling drive capacity to try and get ahead. With so many new people mining every day, this decline in earnings per TB is just going to get worse. So there is an arms race of sorts going on now: either invest more in HDD to maintain an income margin, or don't invest and see you day to day earning taper off. Either way, I think most people will hold onto the Burst that they worked so hard to get.

    Honestly, I think you'll end up doing better with mining. It's kind of a shitty thing to say, since I know you don't have the means right now to set up a decent rig, and I don't have an answer for that. I just know that their would be a steady flow of coins into your wallet and that it adds up over time.

  • @evo. hmm i will put up the ammount of coins than. i didn't know they didn't show up.

  • I have passed the Writing portion with a perfect score 😃

  • i had some extra 10 burst so i put it in there. But the highest burst amount i put in there should of been 95K burst. right now it is NaN. for some reason idk. if this doesn't work. i will just post my gofundme page here.

  • doesn't seem to fix it. @haitch can you explain the reason behind the NaN on the crowdfund? or is it just bugged??

  • admin

    @darkcloudninja Not sure - the BlockEx shows it got 10 coins.

  • I put the ten coins in there to see if it would show the max wanted. @haitch

  • admin

    @darkcloudninja It should have, unless there was some trigger about payment coming from account that created it.

  • @haitch @evo it seemed to show up. i guess i put it higher than i thought.

  • i have now received my schedule. MTWF i will have 5 classes a day. thursday i will have 3 classes. my classes are. English111, math Principles, and Quantitative Reasoning. Informatics fundamentals, Hardware/Software support, and Student Success UNI transfer.

    MTWF classes are English 111, all math courses, student success UNI transfer, and informatics.

    Thursday- Informatics fundamentals, hardware/software support, and English 111.

    i would supply paper pics. but too much private info on the sheets.