Not new just never had luck making it work.

  • Not exactly new just never had any luck. Hi, I been here before and I thought after so long to try again. I seem to never get this to work and as time passes it just seems its more for playing around than making any actual money even if a few bucks in return. I am having issues with either the faucet page always 504 Gateway Time-out and the times past that I have managed to get through that ordeal then the actual mining never worked because it just doesn't do anything. I have read and watched enough videos on how others make it look so easy to set up and under 11 seconds begin seen the mining in progress but from theory class to working life there seem to be a fantasy world learning to never works crash land effect there. I could really use some actual working steps advice that for once I ould see it work. Thanks to all who read and reply.

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  • @socal What exactly does DM mean?

  • @rattle99 direct message or PM ( private message ) pretty much the same thing

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  • @socal Hi sorry I went to bed. It has been at least 8 hours. For what I have done thus far is downloaded the local wallet since I keep having issues using the online. I went to faucet there where three options of faucet the only one that got to the webpage was the last option. Ever since I been downloading the first free batch of burstcoins and I am only half way downloading it. Why is it so slow?