pool.burst-team.us down :(

  • is pool.burst-team.us down for others too?

  • @g10rgio Yes, but I dont know why.

  • Is already in a few post by the forum, pools and wallets are suffering DDos attacks

  • This post is deleted!

  • admin

    @g10rgio From my location, which is close to the CoLo where the pool server is, everything looks okay at the moment.

  • Its looking like its down a lot at the moment, anyone else seeing this?

    I'm getting 'got no confirmation from server! busy?' with every block.

    And the webpage doesn't load ever.

    edit: the recent blocks section of the page is loading now, but not the current block and the history blocks, along with the current block information at the top of the page. I saw it like this a couple of weeks ago and I think someone said they had to restart some services on the server? and it all came back up then.

  • admin

    @g10rgio Again, it's looking fine from my location - if you're not getting the full display, it's not a server issue - it's something between the server and you interfering.

  • @haitch thanks for checking, the page is loading now a some of the time, the recent blocks section (middle bottom) loads instantly, its the other sections that do not load ever, or very slowly, like after a few mins if at all.

    Its those other panes that use socket connections I believe?

    I'm seeing the following in a chrome console window:

    WebSocket connection to 'ws://pool.burst-team.us:8124/webAPI/updates' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

    That is what I was getting a few weeks ago too, but something happened, not on my end as I didn't change anything (on 2 computers in 2 locations and my mobile phone too) and it started working.

    Not sure what it could be then if its working for you. 😞

  • admin

    @g10rgio yes, some of the content is semi static and is delivered over regular http - that's the content you're seeing. The graphs and current/historical lists are dynamic, and delivered over websockets. Something is interrupting your websocket connection. Does your ISP use a proxy? Are you using a VPN ?

  • Hi,

    Nope my ISP doesn't use a proxy, and I'm not using a VPN. Funny thing is, its working now, and I've not changed a single thing, its now working from my current location and also my home internet connection too.

  • admin

    @g10rgio Glad it's working now, can't tell you why it wasn't - nothing changed at my end.