Simulating TB with CPU and GPU

  • I always thought a properly designed CPU miner could bypass the hard drive requirement a bit. I think I calculated a four core modern system with GPUs could simulate something like 5TB per minute if run properly, and run at full power.

    10k nonce per second on a CPU directed at ONLY the scoop that's up would be about 600k nonces per minute. Short blocks and power requirements would kill you, but the longer the block the more time you'd have to find lower deadlines.

    I'd imagine you could use a GPU in the same way to get somewhere around 2-3m nonces per minute at almost 1tb per minute equivalent. But again, power costs will hurt you.

    Although someone with free power and lots of computers might be able to rig something up.

    Just a concept, I wouldn't do it myself, it'd defeat the power savings that POC gives.