Quality 0

  • On the mining page I get zero quality and therefore nothing gets confirmed or I get a 10060error. I am using burst.team.us pool.
    I am also unable to get to the wallet it says Page cannot be displayed. It's as if I'm not on the internet but I know I am because everything else works. I really want to change pools but because I can't get to the wallet I can't Do that. The reason I want to change is that there are two huge miners on there "burstminer 1 231tb and burstminer 2 239tb " whom I suspect are the owners of the pool.
    When I first started on burstcoin I was advised to go to this pool as it was for beginers with less terra bytes. Is 239 tb less.

  • @johnnewman i think the pool is down that is why the network quality is 0. regarding the wallet, this past few days/weeks wallet connection is not stable(i dont know why maybe ddos attack again, i dont know), just wait and try again.

  • admin

    @johnnewman That's a pool I run, and no - those aren't my miners.

    The pools and wallets have been under DDoS attack, but from my location at least, everything looks good with the pool at the moment.