Blago's Burst-Miner (Win)

  • @sevencardz Carrizo amd and ryzen chips do indeed have avx2

  • I can also confirm that the min er crashes at night.
    Any solutions available?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Lorby if you use v1.170601 at v3 ninja pools - miner will crash (pools bug).
    update to v1.170603

  • @Blago Hey I'm new to mining and I was tinkering with the settings on your miner today trying to find out what the commands do and all of a sudden a message appeared in the miner that said something like "Recommended size for this block is 6978GB" how did I make that message appear and what does it mean. Does it somehow calculate this from the current difficulty or something? Would be interesting to see how the recommendation changes with increase in difficulty. I was mining on lex at the time in case that is of importance.

    Thanks in advance, Wes 🙂

  • @Weswyn if you hit 'r' key - miner will show "Recommended size" for current block at that pool.
    If you have "Recommended size" plots - you will get minimum 1 deadline for block (avg)

  • @Blago v1.170603 works on all CPUs right? It automatically uses AVX and AVX2 instruction sets as per availabilty right? Also any OS requirements apart from x64?

  • @Blago Curious question here, I am using v1.170603_AVX and get roughly 80MB/s reading speeds, today I tried the GPU miner and now get roughly 160MB/s speeds, why such a dramatic difference in speed reading the same plots?

    CPU: E5-1650
    GPU: 1050 TI

    one thing I have noticed from others who post screen captures, is their CPU is being almost 100% consumed when they are reading, while mine seems to stop at 66% usage... is this possibly the result of using AVX instead of AVX2 since my CPU does not support the AVX2 instruction set? wondering if thats my issue...

    when I use crystaldisk to check my drive performance, I can easily sustain 230MB/s read and writes sequentially, so in theory I've got the ability to go higher but I can't seem to get past the 80MB/s mark using the AVX version... now I'm wondering if the version not marked AVX or AVX2 would change anything, guess I'll have to try that later whenever this next plot finishes up...

  • @Darkbane
    80MB/s - it's reading + calculating speed

    E5-1650 - 12 cores (HT)
    1050 TI - 768 shading units

  • @Blago thanks for your recently updated miner that is included in the AIO client (v1.170603 I believe). Using the AVX2 functionality enables me to get about 85-87 MB/s with my slower drives and 99-105 with my faster ones, both of which i feel are very good as I am frequently getting top-end results in my current pool.

    I did have a question though regarding a few red text errors that keep showing up:

    • "Winner: Get info failed: 10060" (more frequently)
    • "Winner: Connect Function Failed with error: 10060" (less frequently)

    Can you please tell me what both of these mean and if they have any negative effect on my mining results? If the latter, what do i need to do to fix them? Thanks!

  • @GabryRox
    it's just info - who won last block.
    When income a new block - pool very busy and cant accept connection for this requests

    just set in miner.conf:

    "ShowWinner" : false, 

  • @Blago Why the miner is prompting HDD wake up call for over 40mins?
    0_1499065765265_HDD, Wake up.PNG

  • Hi,

    I have too much computer like internet cafe.(20pieces)
    I allocate 400GB for each.
    Use blago-burst-miner.
    1 miner uses pool mode lexitoshi and servermode=true IP :
    other computer connect pool= .
    15 miner connect successful, other aren't connect.
    Program has a limit?

    Thank you.

  • @Galaxy2004 no, check port in miner.conf (8126)

  • @Blago i use miner-v1.170603 with avx2.

    Can you please tell me how to resize window in miner software. In the end of the miner.conf file there are:

    "WinSizeX": 80,
    "WinSizeY": 60

    I changed them to resize my window but there is no change in window. It stays the same. I changed the "WinSizeY" to 200, because i want to make window long sized to see old blocks. What i do wrong and how to change window size.

    Thanks in advance.

  • just letting everyone know that @Blago updated his cpu miner last week, which has provided for many of us an increase in plot read speed, please follow the releases link in the first posting of this thread and you will see the latest and greatest version...

    I would repost a link, but I think its important people get in the habit of following links posted by the official person, to ensure they are being redirected to the correct person, the old "in this day and age" you can never be too safe with software... just click the button that takes you to the top of this thread or scroll all the way up... its worth it!

  • @Blago I have install that new version. It's really faster than miner-v1.170603 but very often crushes. I don't know the reason but maybe some other members should install it and see are they face the same crush problems.

    Very positive in the new version is Excell file with DL's that you had in the mining session. So in the morning you can see what are your DL's during night. Very usefull if you want to control pools for cheating.

    Thanks Blago for your support.

  • Blago do you know when running as a proxy if all computers need to be running the same type of exe file. My worse computer can only run 170820.exe and will that dictate what the main proxy server has to run even thought it can run avx2.
    Right now I run all computers using all three version of the 170820 to the main proxy server which is on avx2.

  • @preslav1980 pls set in config

    "ShowWinner" : false,

    in future version i'll rework this module