Blago's Burst-Miner (Win)

  • Miner was working fine until a few days ago, now it opens fine, but won't start mining. No changes have been made to any config files.

    Any suggestions?

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    @eq Problem with the pool you're mining against ?

  • i was surprised to see Blago miner use 100% duty of my 4.1ghz quad core AMD processor whilst mining. Is this due to block difficulty? because the cpu fan is revving up! I set the fan to 70% and I marvel at the temperature when round begins 28 oC but at the end of the round 42 oC it drops quickly back to 28 - 29 oC if I don't manually set cpu fan CPU temp reaches 52oC

  • @zapbuzz See screen shot.
    0_1525287248210_1c3d11fa-5208-4610-905c-2184cfa7d507-image.png I only have about 1.9 Ghz speed and I have amd turbo bust on.As my miner shows, speeds and usage can be close to 100%. With your faster speed AMD chip, no wonder your temp goes up, in my opinion. I hope to be wrong? Are you able to monitor CPU speed and Temp. and put them in a file to study? My Cpu is only A10 7300 4cpu + 6gpu. Good luck. Peace. Twin Judge.

  • mines the A10-7890k AMD I believe it could be due to utilising the built in gpu, if I disable it in BIOS and use my add on card for video it should decrease temperature just that at the moment the GPU card is dedicated to something else at the moment but it was idle when I made my post about CPU temperature. But right back to AMD A8 and maybe prior, it wont like mining whilst using the GPU cores for display and won't go to full boost speed without an add on GPU card instead. Heck, jminer is unstable with the built in gpu. I've owned an A8, and that and this A10 just do not want to work with the cpu together efficiently about anything crypto. *4.3ghz boost 4.1 ghz max with built in gpu on.

  • @zapbuzz Good, you know your machine better than I do. One thing to consider is after market cooling? With that high of speed, heat is to be expected. Good luck.

  • I reconfigured, it still running at 100% lol so much for that idea. Last I use Blago miner was around 6 - 7 months ago and it wasn't as CPU intensive as this. Must be time to upgrade lol

  • @blago What about the upcoming PoCC 2 algorithm after the HF, would you support it or is the Burst Miner v1.170820 the last release of the Miner and you are not developing any upcoming compatible version.

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  • @luxe Many Thanks for the Link 🙂