What on earth is going on with Burst US pools tghis is ridiculous

  • for the past weeks I have hardly traded due to some excuse from the oprations of the pools, Im pretty over hearing about possible attacks and similar when proper safeguards should be well in place around creation, ![alt text](0_1498305047854_Pool connection issues.PNG image url)

    What the hell is going on and if you cant fix the issue give information on pools that are having no issues, how are some people freely trading and others struggling to get one trade a day

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    @Ranger64 If the safeguards to protect the pool are so easy, please setup a pool and demonstrate to the rest of us pool operators how reliable your pool is when under DDoS attack. Thanks.

  • @haitch You are talking to a person with minimal knowledge in the way the servers are structured let alone programing language, Bitcoin also got hacked so nothing is perfect, you did make a statement in a previous post where you have back end wallets that is at least some form of solution I also asked for an example or elaboration on how to access these through the miner config file using the latest blago miner

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    @Ranger64 The DDoS attacks are incredibly difficult to fully prevent - they range from just sending so much junk traffic that the pools can't send packets out, or crafted packets designed to crash the pools.

    The online wallets are for transactions, not mining. For mining use either the pool wallet, or if solo mining a local wallet.