creepMiner forwarding configuration question

  • I wish to forward two computers to my main computer using creepMiner on Linux, but am having difficulty.

    I'm using creepMiner 1.5.2 and no matter how I set the configuration files, nonces do not get submitted or accepted on the main machine. I have also tried creepMIner 1.6.0 with the same results.
    I do get an error:
    tbarmike: could not submit nonce! network issues? (deadline)

    From what I understand, I set the host serverURL to an unused local ip.
    I set the client submissionURL to the host serverURL, and the client mininginfoURL to the pool ip

    • host ip :
    • host config:
      serverURL :


    Are these settings correct?
    Is this possibly a router configuration problem, or maybe a networking configuration problem on the machines themselves?

    Any advice or suggestions would be most welcome.