IOPS or speed required from HDD

  • I'm new to Burst ... is there any requirement to have x number of IOPS or speed of the Hard Drives that are used? Is any sata drive that I plug into my PC work for Burst?

  • admin

    @Maverick Pretty much any drive will work. I'm building a 192TB miner with 8TB 5400 rpm drives. They'll be a litle slower than 7200 RPM drives, but with optimized plots, the difference will be negligible.

  • as @haitch has said any old cheap 5400rpm HDD is perfectly fine for mining burst the only time you will see a benefit from a fast HDD is during plotting , if you have a large unused SSD or somthing like an ultrafast 10kRPM HDD use it to plot then transfer the plots to the slower HDD's ..... but no need to purchase any fast drives just use the fastest one you have for plotting and cut paste them to slower drives