Manual setting of multiple drives on same computer

  • Manual setting of stagger

    Hi guys
    If you could help me i would be very grateful
    I have plotted multiple 8 tb drives over multiple computers
    The problem I am having is when connecting multiple drives in a single computer
    I set the starting nonce as the stagger size from last plot plus 1
    When i do this i got loads of non confirmed downloads as if the plots are corrupted
    If i run a single drive starting from 0-300000000 across multiple plots i dont have a problem
    can someone please inform me the manual way of setting this correctly over multiple drives

  • Being fairly new to this but also having spent most of the day reading up on this stuff as far as I can gather I believe if you were to do a second plot on the same computer you start plot 2 from just after where plot 1 ended so if plot 1 was 0-300000000 like you said then you start the next one at 300000001 or IMO to be safe have a starting nonce at like 300100000

    My two cents

  • admin

    @burstminergrow To make it contigous plots: next starting noce = last starting nonce + number of nonces.

    Or you can just do them from incremental starting points. eg o then 50,000,000 then 100,000,000, then 150,000,0000 etc jumping each starting nonce 50 Million at a time. Plots don't need to be contiguous, it the number of nonces that's import, not that be sequential.

  • guys thank you so much for your help
    i found out what was causing my problem
    having watched videos on the web
    i was using stagger sizes of whole numbers like 20000
    researching more i needed to use stagger sizes in multiples of 8 like 20480
    now i'm running 3 hard drives on one machine
    i dont get bullshit errors about overlaps and loads of non confirmed
    it took me a while to figure this out and i see myself as tech savvy
    i guess not lol
    i might spend a bit of time this weekend trying to write an idiots guide to burst mining

  • @burstminergrow There is a learning curve to Burst, in time it will all make sense.