New to this mining thing

  • Hello everyone.

    I am active at trading stocks and various crypto coins. I was going to purchase some Burst, however I saw this coin was supposed to be more user friendly to mine. I must say that it has been a painful experience thus far.

    Attempting to download the block chain kept freezing my client. Then i tried to do it manually only to get an error when loading my wallet. Many hours later i finally got it working. My last roadblock was attempting to get a couple of coins from a faucet. It says its only for new users. I am now a sad panda.

    Could anyone spare some so i can hopefully start this mining soon? I will gladly assist others that encounter the same issues that i have in the future


  • @DankMeme said in New to this mining thing:


    Don't be a sad Panda

    alt text

    Sent some your way, Happy Bursting!