Sync issues

  • Hello everybody, Marc is a kind man and he gave me my first Burstcoins but i have the next problem when i try to mining: {"errorCode":5,"errorDescription":"Unknown account"} and my wallet is very slow never sync to 100%.... what can i do?

  • @eoluz What's your Burst ID?

  • My ID here: BURST-HWZ5-MESC-FJD5-DY6U5 thanks in advance for help me.

  • Somebody known the answer of my problem???

  • Your wallet ID looks fine. Try downloading the blockchain and see if that helps.

    How to sync Blockchain the fast way for "Burst Client for Windows":

    • Close (Exit) Burst Client completely -> Check Icon in tray!

    • Download Zip file from

    • Unzip file

    • Go to C:\Users\User\Appdata\Roaming\BurstWallet\burst_db\ <- Appdata folder is hidden!

    • Copy unzipped file in burst_db folder and replace the old file.
      Start Wallet

    Once you're done,

    Go to, skip the first two fields, put your passphrase in the third, and your Burst ID in the last field, then click on submit. You should 5-6 lines of code back - this is the confirmation of the Reward Assignment.

    Then in the AIO client (If you are using it), click start mining, then in the dropdown where the pools are listed, manually enter the pool you assigned yourself to, then start mining with one of the options.

    For the first four rounds you'll get "does not match pool" errors, then your DL's will start being submitted and counted. Or just wait for four block then start the miner up.

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    @socalguy @eoluz - to get the blockchain download, use - the original URL was being used as part of the DDoS. Some prankster thinks requesting to download a 3.5GB file 5 times per second is a great joke ......