newbie decisions and long term strategy

  • Hi Burst-Team,

    I'm a newbie here and I got a hand me down computer with the stats below.

    i5-3470 @3.2ghz
    16GB ram
    2TB HD
    No extra GPU

    1TB (part of my 2TB drive on machine)
    8TB external - plotting as we speak
    my 8TB external drive is taking a very long time to plot (24 hours = 20% ~2TB)

    I use a CPU plotter (Xplotter) and i get ~7k nonces/min
    mining my 1 TB reads between 60-70MB/s

    I basically have the beginners setup and everything for plotting/mining are running smoothly

    However, one quick look and i see 8TB externals have the best value per TB at $200 bucks or less.

    If i had $200 bucks to spend...what should my next purchase be?

    1. 8TB external - I know I should probably go with this option till i hit some critical mass
      good - more space, more plots, more deadlines, more chances at burst
      bad - it will take me a long time to plot and i feel that i will miss out on deadline submissions

    2. Value GPU - I look on newegg and I see that i can get a 4GB GTX 1050 TI for about $160
      good - increased mining/plotting speeds will allow me to scale
      bad - i dont need it right now

    3. CPU upgrade to i7 - I know this is probably in the 350-400 range
      good - increased speed for plotting/mining
      bad - too expensive/dont need it right now

    What should i buy next? What should my methodology be as i begin to scale?
    I read a lot of post where folks can just buy the perfect machine all in 1 shot, I dont have those resources. I'm hoping the good folks here can share their Burst growing experiences/pains.

    Many Thanks!

  • admin

    @00kakamora How many drives can you system take internally? I've got a community buy going for 8TB WD internal drives @ $177:

  • @haitch I'm "supposed" to have 3 bays but it looks like i can only fit 1 more.

    I am assuming these are WD 8TB RED drives. Is there a link/post where i can sign up?

  • admin

    @00kakamora not the Reds, the drives that go into the external "My Books".

  • @haitch From your referral to purchase drives, your answer to my post is to stock up on HDs and focus on that?

    Is there a critical mass of HDs that I should hit before I consider GPU based plotting/mining or CPU upgrade?

  • admin

    @00kakamora The more drives you have, the better your earning outlook is.

    As for CPU/GPU upgrades - it depends, If you can mine your entire plot under 1 minute, you're good. You may benefit from an upgrade, but it'll be marginal if CPU mining and unpredicatable if GPU.