[ANN] Introducing: A Brillient Idea For Burst Community~

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    Every year we choose 12 trusted investors in my city and we start a programme ,i will explain it in most simple way, so that everyone can understand it easily and please suggest if it works here, if i found good interest of community i will update it in my Kohinoor asset!! or

    First step-- 12 investors invest for 12 months e.g 20k invested by each investor, everymonth total is 240k fund raised.

    Second step--Bidding ll take place everymonth when fund collected e.g if highest bid goes to 36k then whole investment of that month is given to the highest bidder and that bid is distributed among all investors means every investor pays 17k that month.

    Third step-- Highest bidder will not bid for next 11 months, now you can do little math how it works and helps everyone, its better for all 12 investors.

    Any questions or anything i forget to explain please let me know ,i am one of those 12 investors and i started it previous month if burst community like it, i will update it in my Kohinoor asset or create a new specifically for this only let me know your views about this project and interest in this, if i found good interest then only i will move forward.