When enter into my wallet appear other account

  • I got two problems, first I don't know whats happen with "online wallet" because for 2 days only show the message "cannot display the webpage", I have try open https://wallet1.burst-team.us:8125 on internet explorer and firefox, and shows same message.

    The second problem is that when I start my wallet has appear other wallet account, exactly this "BURST-B92U-M5T4-T2DZ-43BGJ",
    then I click on "online wallet" the page is not display, then click in local wallet appear mi account BURST-CSYJ-7AVD-FEXB-BDVLH.

    Because a saw this very wire I try again, click on online wallet, appear same message "can not display the webpage" click in local wallet and appear other second account that is not mine, exactly this BURST-3YD2-H5PA-LU6B-HB8BL, and when again in online wallet, and after in local wallet, appear again my right wallet BURST-B92U-M5T4-T2DZ-43BGJ

    How can that be?

  • It happened to me too the first few times and without realizing I create a second account.

    To enter the wallet, you have to put the initial phrase, not the account number burst or other data, just the sentence, is that?

  • @aitor When swap between online wallet and local wallet, the wallet software require every time the paraphrase and I talk you every time I use the same, because is copy and paste from mi file, is not rocket science. I am new into burst and virtual money, and this really scare me. How can this happen? how secure is the software we use?

  • @oirames The online wallets and the premises are the same, you can use the same account in both.
    Usually passes, to me I pass, that when we copy and paste it we do it wrong and we add a blank space at the end or at the beginning that is why another account does not appear, when it does not work copy the phrase in a new text file and you will see That there is a space of more.
    Whenever you have copied the password well from a clear beginning.

    There are trillions and trillions of possible combinations, discovering a password by brute force would take more than one life

  • @Energy I know the problems when copy and paste, and I don't want to look arrogant, but I talk you every time was not error, copy and paste the exactly paraphrase, no more and no less character.

  • admin

    @oirames To get to a different account, there is something different about the passphrase. Period. The passphrase is different.

  • @haitch I don't understand what you mean, do I missing something?

  • admin

    @oirames something is different about the passphrase you're entering now compared to the one used to create the account. It could be a space or newline at the beginning/end of the phrase, if you're copying the phrase out of Notepad and it's word wrapped, that changes it. There is some subtle diffece between the phrase you used then, and the one you're using now.

  • @haitch I know the difference between flat text and rich text, I am new in burstcoin, but not in computing, I have used my passphrase from day one, and never happen nothing like this.

  • admin

    @oirames I'm sorry, but they are different passphrases. I've had this discussion so many times.

    • Your account address is a hash of your passphrase

    • The hash function is immutable, and will always return the same address for a given passphrase.

    • To have a different address, the passphrase therefore needs to be different from the original.

    • Ergo, your passphrase for Wallet2 is different in some way from passphrase for Wallet1.

    You could have a space or newline at the beginning/end of the phrase, if you're copy/pasting the address, and it's word wrapped in notepad or what ever - that makes it different.

    The ONLY way to get a different address is to use a different passphrase.

  • @Energy Thank you very much