Can I mine on a drive with bad sectors?

  • I've got an old drive which I retired because it had bad sectors. Can I use it for mining tho?

  • @SimonBruchmann, hi. Assuming MS WIndows OS 7 to 10: if you perform a full format, not a "quick" format, then Windows will mark any bad sectors as such and won't use them. You should then be able to use the drive.

  • @SimonBruchmann Afaik ist not worth the hassle.

    Ive tried it myself and miserably failed.

    First it takes Ages to Format (aka "repair" the drive with bad sectors, no matter if win or tried gparted Linux for it to identify where exactly the bad sectors are. Every sector is written, then read, then compared against the write value, and there are what millions of sectors on a HD, dunno. Many. Talking about days on Win7, Linux or specialiced Software for Windows was quicker. Also tried Aomei Partition Assistant, worked well, much better than pure Win solution.

    Bad Sectors on a HD tend to get more and more over time, so there is no guarantee how Long the disk work even if you after checking the whole HD can use say 75% of the Disk.

    After that, filling it with plots for me worked so-so, but reading them crashed /stuck the whole Thing/miner anyway.

    In the end its not worth fiddling around with some say defect 2TB worth 15$ or the likes hours and hours just to get nothing out of it in the end. Just my 2 Cent.

  • know it could fail any day, but yea I've got a few drives tagged for imminent failure by Crystal Disk. The only thing you lose if the drive fails is your replaceable plot, so go for it.

    Repair with chkdsk /f (or whatever tool you find in linux) and run that disk into the ground