I need a little clarity on this whole process

  • I am a bit new and it was a struggle just to get to where i was yesterday. Which was finally being able to mine with a pool.

    This morning i woke up and saw my my miner stopped (error 1) and that i lost connection with my online wallet(client).
    I attempted to reconnect but couldn't do so (page could not be displayed) I checked the forums and saw different links to wallets. I was then successfully able to connect to https://wallet4.burstnation.com:8125/index.html via web browser.

    However i noticed i still couldn't mine. Being new, i am thinking that i need to be connected through my client to mine. So i attempted to reconnect through the client. While I was finally able to log in(online) however it says blockchain is currently downloading. This is where i am at this point.

    Is this type of frustration normal?

  • admin

    @DankMeme The online wallets at https://wallet.burst-team.us are up and online and current with the blockchain, so not sure why you're having difficulties.

  • Thank you for the reply.

    It appears to be intermittent. Shortly after my original post, i was able to successfully log in as normal without seeing the "downloading blockchain" and having "no name" assigned. I changed my pool and then went back into my online wallet.

    It then again showed downloading blockchain and no name assigned. After a few more attempts I then got "page cannot be displayed"

    Considering my internet is fine and having no other issues. I guess ill just wait for it to decide to work again?

  • admin

    @DankMeme The initial URL will redirect you to a URL with a port number in it - 812X - what port are you hitting ?

  • under properties it says https://wallet.burst-team.us:8126

    I was able to get in successfully this time