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  • hello,

    Ok so i have a 4tb hdd currently mining and a 6tb hdd almost done plotting that my dad gave me both of which are wd my book external drives. the 6tb is 96% finished plotting. My brother has 2 8tb external hdds he is bringing me today to use for as long as i want i believe 1 is a wd my book and 1 is a seagate. Im using my entry level gaming laptop for mining its a dell inspiron 7000 series. My laptop has 3 usb 3.0 slots and i have 2 4 slot usb hubs. here are my questions.

    1. ive read about bottlenecks when running multiple hdds off of laptops usb slots. how do i figure out if all of my usb slots run off of the same controller and how many hdds can i run without bottlenecks?
    2. My brother does e-scrap as a side business and has boxes of internal hdds but they are mostly older hdds no 3.0s and they are mostly smaller units ranging between 350gb and 500gb. Is it worth it for me to try and use these older smaller internal hdds?
    3. If it is worth it for me to use these older hdds what would be the best way to go about setting them up? I dont have funds to really spend anything on this but Im trying to get as much passive income coming in right now as I can.. If its worth it for me to use these older hdds my brother will give them to me tested for free to help me out.

    Thanks for your time guys and happy bursting!!

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  • I'm not sure if it is worth it using old drives, but that is what i am doing.
    I have a 300gb and 500gb av drive in an older computer that I'm cpu mining with.
    On my main computer I have 4tb sata and 1tb usb 3 drive.
    On my laptop i am using 800gb of the drive.
    From what I've read the main rule is quantity of drive space over speed.
    Usb 2 will give you a bottle neck, but probably better to plug it in rather than not.

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  • i have seagete 2tb 7200rpm i forgot what series it is, it's that worth to using it for mining? can i make at least $1/day or around $30/month? cos my pc running like 5 days a week, and my electricity fee got covered

    im using A10 7890K for CPU and R7 250X 2GB for GPU

  • I've been running a bunch of 146GB SAS and 300GB SAS from bunch of Dell servers. Unfortunately, I couldn't find/source any cheap SAS drives I think they have 900GB and 1.2TB drives. They make their steady income but mind you I don't pay for the power.

  • @rmbuan
    I pay for power I should have mentioned that. with power consumption are the old drives worth running if my computer is on and running anyways? My brother has a couple hundred tb worth of these old drives so if worth it I could potentially set up a huge rig. I'm leaning towards that it will be more expensive to set up and run then worth it but still worth asking.

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    @explosive If your PC is already going to be on, then the cost of running a disk is less than a penny per day.

  • @haitch

    ok wow. my laptop is always on so now I just need to see what its gonna take to set them up.
    is there a way to set up a bunch of internals onto a usb 3? that way I can combine say 10tb on a rack and have them all goto my computer on 1 usb then just repeat..

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    @explosive My original costing of burst drive costs.

    Green coin

  • @haitch

    Thank you for the info. It looks like it will be just a little bit cheaper to use these small drives heres what I figured it out to be please correct me if I'm wrong..

    I'm currently paying $25 per tb if I buy A brand new wd my book 8 tb external from amazon. ( from what I can see from the drives my dad and brother gave me the wd my books are really fast)

    If I were to take the hdds from my brother assuming they are 500gb each that would be 2 per 1tb. average cost of a cheap docking station is $30-$50 for a dual so we will say $30 so it would cost $30 for 1 tb of older used drives (more expensive then buying new drives)

    Now when I really dug for prices I found a dual dock usb 3.0 for $10 on ebay ( buying this cheap dock also posses risk of if and how long it will work) brings cost down to $10 per tb so $15 cheaper per tb to set up but That's taking a risk on a cheap dock and using older hdds. so with a savings of $15 per tb would the old equipment and cheap dock performance be sufficiently less to where it would be more cost effective to just buy the wds.

    I'm not going to be setting this up because the cost is not something I can do right now even at $15 per tb but I still want to get info on it just to have the knowledge if that makes sense.

    I'm wondering if there is A way to build a docking station that would hold say 20 500gb hdds and connect to usb 3.0 from home that would be able to be cheaply made.

    I'm researching what options are out there to do this today and I will keep updating incase anyone wants to try and do this with there old hdds. maybe someone will stumble upon this thread and find some useful info 🙂

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    @explosive 20 Drives going through a single USB3.0 connection is a bad idea - your bandwidth becomes a major bottleneck.
    From those that have setup big external rigs, the recommendation is to not exceed 2 -3 drives per port.

  • @haitch

    got it. thank you haitch!