How to plot remaining drive capacity.

  • Hi all,

    I just plot 1TB out of 8TB external drive. I want to plot remained 7TB in this drive. As far as I know, if I just plot this drive again there will be over plotting issue.

    1. Should I set additional option while I'm doing plotting at this point?
      My 1TB plotting file name is below.

    2. I'm doing CPU mining using 1TB plotting Cap. Can I plot 7TB remaining drive while doing mining(1TB) using same drive?

  • Your next plot starting nonce should be above the last nonce.

    If this was your first one:

    This could be your second:

    That way no overlap exists.

    Also you can mine at the same time that you are plotting, but it's going to slow down both operations.

  • @captinkid Okay so 'Start nonce' will be 4290048. Isn't it '4290049' because 4290048 was already included in first nounces number?
    How about 'Thread'? What should I set for this? could you please explain the meaning of this?

  • You could start your next nonce anywhere above 4290048, but they don't have to be touching, gaps won't hurt at all. I just plot with even starting numbers to make it easier to track later.

    Threads is how many CPU threads you are committing the the plotting. I'd recommend one for each real core your CPU has. Minus one if you actually want to use the computer while it's plotting for anything else.

  • you can fill the drive with 6 more 1tb plot files so long as you change the nounce size for each plot and yes but every 4 minutes the drive will pause or switch between reading and writing... it can slow down the writes while reading and it can slow reading...