Plot Sizing Issue

  • Hello,

    I'm a little new to the community. Just wanted to say that I've never seen such a helpful community like this behind a coin!

    I was starting to plot my 3TB hard drive yesterday when I realized something. I know that the plotter automatically creates a file the size of the final specified plot.

    But for some reason when I look at that file, it's only around 250GB. I had entered 2900GB. Is this normal? I just don't want to wait and then find out I only plotted 250GB.


    OS: Windows 7
    Drive: Seagate 3TB Drive
    Plotter: XPlotter (the one that comes with the wallet)
    Current Nonces As Of This Post: 600,000 (about 146GB)

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  • admin

    @trexidomino Xplotter immediately creates a file of the size the plot is going to be - if the file is 250GB, thats how big your plot will be. You can either add a second plot, or delete that one and restart

  • if you are having issues figuring out how many to put down

    4096*<drive size in GB>=number of nounces
    so in this case
    4096*2794=11444224 nounces it should leave you with a few hundred mb free... Xplotter might fill it completely though...

  • admin

    @Lunas The plotters always try to create <nonce count>/<stagger> plots. If <nonce count> is not a multiple of <stagger> the miner will round UP, and try to generate more nonces than you have space for. This then screws up your plot.

  • admin

    @Lunas Except a 4TB drive is no longer 4096 GB - it's 4,000,000,000,000 bytes - well short of a true 4TB

  • @haitch and the reported gb after formatting is 3.63 or 3630GB or 14868480 nounces i guess i should have been clearer in you take the actual available size after formatting.