JMiner Speed Variances

  • Hello friends! I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to why there is such a huge difference in mining speeds from when I first begin the process to the second block.

    When I begin the mining process with JMiner, I hit mining speeds of 1000MiB/s and finish out 23TB worth of drives in under 6-7 seconds. (

    When the miner moves to the next block, my speeds drop drastically down to what I would consider 'normal' speeds at 220MiB/s or so ( which takes a lot longer to hit the full size at that speed. I don't mind this speed as I do consider it fine for the size I am doing, but coming down 80% in speed on the second block really has me baffled.

    Just as an FYI:

    • 4 external drives Seagate 5TB(x2) and 8TB(x2)
    • Stand-alone PCIe 3.0 USB Host Controller
    • Device 1 in JMiner Settings (I believe this to be one of my GFx cards but no idea which) When I set to the default 0, it runs the normal speeds at all times, when I set to device 1 it hits the huge speed and then drops as mentioned above. Devices above 1 don't work

    Any ideas or reasons would be greatly appreciated -- I am stumped on this one.

  • you scanned twice causing the speed to go to 1000 ( happens to me sometimes )

    try changing chunkpartnonces to 960000, as that is the sweet spot for everyone mostly, it will use more mem but that's ok 😛

  • @HiDevin Ok cool, thanks for the info. I figured it was something simple but I just couldn't figure out what in the world was going on. Adjusted the chunk to 960k too. Thanks for the help!