What is the best way to Plot?

  • Newbie to mining!
    I want to have my all my spare hard drives plotted so that I can mine. I am currently plotting my first 1tb drive using the Burst client. Do i just continue plotting my other drives like the first one?

    I also read that organizing the plots increases the speed. Are my plots organised when plotted from Burst client? if not what is the best way to get an optimized plot in the least amount of time for this drive and future drives.

    Once I have my first drive plotted and organised am I able to mine with that drive while plotting my other drives at the same time using burst client?

    Sorry in advance for the face palms :D. Thanks!

  • admin

    @Silton The current AIO wallet will plot optimal plots.

    You can mine completed drives while plotting additional drives.

  • great thanks 😃